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Atg Commerce Reference Store Overview Pdf Download

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Atg Commerce Reference Store Overview Pdf Download

Post  rawdopro on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:29 pm

Atg Commerce Reference Store Overview Pdf Download >


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Atg Commerce Reference Store Overview Pdf Download

Post  rawdopro on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:33 pm

Atg Commerce Reference Store Overview Pdf Download, tintin au congo original pdf download

22Mobile-Specific Derived Properties . A Universal app runs on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. Takes as input a reference to// the invoking manager in order to access the manager's tokenizer.- (id) getContentFromCurrent:(id) contentJSON withUnionOf:(NSString *) unionExpressionpathManager:(ATGJSONPathManager *)manager;// Fetches content based on the slice expression. 8Setup and Configuration . The Views can then ask ATGThemeManager to reapply the style (because it has stored the previously applied style IDs) thus allowing the view to show the styleupdates. The Mobile Commerce Reference Store Overview.Mobile Commerce Reference Store (CRS-M) and CRS-IUAComparedMobile Commerce Reference Store (CRS-M) is a mobile Web application, viewed in the browser of a mobiledevice. Optimization of performance in the mobile environment through the minimization of client-server round tripsand response payload.REST Security ConfigurationREST security is configured using two levels: B2CStore/Mobile/REST/config/atg/rest/registry/ActorChainRestRegistry.properties6 Low-Level Architecture19 B2CStore/Mobile/REST/config/atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/AccessControlServlet.propertiesActorChainRestRegistry.propertiesThis is the property file where actors and actor chains are registered. 21REST Filtering and Customizers .

Examples are included for returning promotional content items of different sizes andtheir corresponding image text, based on the type of the requesting device.In these examples, devices that match the BrowserTyper /atg/dynamo/servlet/pipeline/BrowserTypes/iPhoneRetina receive a higher resolution promotional content image.The ATGRestManager provides methods to determine the type of device from which a request originatedby examining various properties of the device (through the UIDevice object). This means that CRS-IUA is built on the entire server-side structure that CRS-M provides,including the multisite setup, form handlers, droplets and so on The main function of the server component ofCRS-IUA is expose those things through REST.Module DependenciesThe root Commerce Reference Store module is the Store module that you see under <ATG11dir>/CommerceReferenceStore/Store when you first install the application. Application Developer. As shown in the example, thecolorref: tag expects to be passed ancolor type, either a directory, or from aresource.colorref:resource:blueColoredgeinsetsSpecifies the values that should be used tocreate a UIEdgeInsets struct.edgeinsets:0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5resourceThis is not a type on its own.resource:resourceNamecolorref:color:0.5 0.5 1 1Its value should match the name of aresource in the resource list, resultingin using that resources value whereverthe resource name is referenced by theresource type. Extend EMJSONParser for the new model object to be parsed correctly. The same targeters deliver the home page contentfor CRS-M and CRS-IUA, although in the case of CRS-IUA, the targeters are invoked through REST with theATGTargetingManager. .adaptorSections Property . You should consider the same practice. 2587a83389


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